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Care to shake hands?


Half nekkid of a different sort

For your Halloween giggle
and this is always thanks to OSBASSO

So yesterday was Halloween, one of my most favorite holidays. Here in the Bible Belt, it ran thin. I helped decorate the pods and cubicles for work. My terminology is different from what other people use at work, so: Each cubicle contains a person, each person has a coach/supervisor. Supervisor cubicle and all the little cubicles in the row make up a pod. SO. The pods were decorated. There were 2 emergent themes: Graveyard/crypt and "Heaven and Hell". There were variations... Vampire crypt, rock heaven, but still. Those 2 emergent themes. Employees were encouraged to dress up. Sic_un as a nun, me as a priest.... We're on 2 different teams. His was 'vampire crypt', ours was 'graveyard/crypt'. Our costumes went with the theme, right?

For every person dressed as a devil, there was a person dressed as an angel. A couple of witches, some princesses, Vince was 'Caesar Salad' (dressed as Caesar, hung about with vegetables, carried a head of lettuce, had salad dressing... Caesar salad). Women dressed as 'sexy devil' had the temerity to look strangely at my costume of priest. Sic_un was told quite honestly that he was going to Hell.

For a holiday. For dressing up on a holiday meant for dress-up and shenanigans. Do they have a clue? Don't get me wrong, Dear Reader. I've always been one that if it's your bag, go for it. If not, no big deal. I mean that good ol' time religion. There's 2 camps of thought, I've always believed. There's the 'Oh, it's no harm, we'll go trick-or-treating to 'safe' houses and stick generally within our socio-economic group and laugh about it at church on Sunday if we happen to go' group and then there's the 'Oh my god, Halloween is so evil and we're going to spend it at our church's haunted house because I'm playing the woman tempted enough to be the victim of a vicious abortionist. My brother's playing a guy who's hooked on pot because everyone knows pot is Satan's work. Have you found Jesus?' group... I always want to ask those people where they think they lost him at.

But it's always been those 2 groups. Not here. Here, there's the 'We'll have sex out of wedlock, but we'll be married in the 8th month. We don't go to church EVERY Sunday, but we look down on those who don't go to church at all. We'll embrace the concept of Heaven and Hell and be secretly racist and openly predjudiced against everyone not in our particular socio-economic group.' It's a grey area and I don't like those. Not when it has to do with something as innocuous as Halloween, not when it's truly a celebration to me, not when it's something the Christian-based religions stole from the earlier earth-tradition models.

Again... Do they have a clue? I miss the Halloween I know happened in Albuquerque. I don't like the fact that I missed the big Halloween party last Saturday, where the rules include 'Do not tease the cats'. I don't like the fact that I missed decorating my mom's yard with all my stuff, all my headstones and my noose and my cage (with skeleton) and my fog machine and hearing the screams of all those 3-8 year olds when you surprise them with something spooky in the yard as they come up for their annual sugar-fest. I miss seeing my nephews and my niece all dressed up. I miss having a place to put a pumpkin that I spent weeks agonizing over decorating.

It rained last night. We went to Sic_un's house and went out for take-out from there. A handful of trick-or-treaters, one of which Sic_un thinks was a neighbor trying to scope out the house using her infant as an excuse. No nun porn, sorry. He took off the wimple and then it was 'Father, may I?' from there. Beautiful. Simply... UNGH. The period from hell looks as though it may finally be ending (breakthrough bleeding 4 days before my actual period and this time it was light but long...Honestly, I think it lasted 2 fucking weeks. GRRRRR), so to have Sic_un in me was just fucking incredible. Blew my mind and made my knees weak.

But it wasn't my usual Halloween. It was a weird, unsettled Halloween. I don't like Halloweens like this, Dear Reader. Sic_un says "Welcome to Tennessee, buckle of the Bible Belt." I hope next year will be a bit different.

Pax, Dear Reader.



digital photography by Darkneuro, 10/2006

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An evening at my place

Greetings, Dear Reader. Thought I'd show you an evening (the 1st, actually) over at my place...

Awww, make me blush...
digital photography by Sic_un, 10/2006


My pirate grins. How about yours?
digital photography by Darkneuro, 10/2006

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Bits.. and pieces

Greetings, Dear Reader. I've been taking pictures the past few days and weeks of HNT, but haven't posted because of my batteries and moving, etc etc etc...
So here's not one, but 2! Count them !2! photogs for your viewing pleasure....

digital photography by Sic_un, 9/2006

digital photography by Darkneuro 9/2006

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What a day, Dear Reader.
I worked overtime today, 8 to 530. So I had to deal with the strange thing that is drive-home traffic in town. I don't usually hit it. I hit it. It was strange.
So I went home (drove home during the drive-home... 'Magine that).
Got home, had a message from my mom, called her. Messed around for a little bit, called Sis.

I had left stuff.
And I wanted some Nalani lap-time.
But I hadn't left much stuff, you see.
My 2 flats of framed stuff (replica postcard advertisements and a travel ad from the Deco era... My first Rollins show poster/ticket).
A vase.
My incredibly huge fake Birkenstock sandals.
Not much stuff.

But I called Sis. Went on over.
Picked up stuff.
Went home.
Took up flats of frames. (I even opened them and emptied them.)
Remembered my soda.
Remembered Sic_un's request of 'Hey, bring over a pepper when you come over tonight?'.
On the way here, to Sic_un's, I had a horrible thing happen.
Turned onto Sic_un's street and realized....
I had left my camera, with HNT in it, on my loverly late 50's, early 60's Formica dining table. Right THERE...
So I borrowed Sic_un's web cam. Happy HNT, Dear Reader. It's been one of those days.


Not AGAIN!?!?!?! ... HNT#43

Sorry folks. Still haven't found my battery charger... or my batteries. SIGH. Well, you see, with Sic_un around, I don't really have as great a... well, as great a need to be able to put my hands on several sets of batteries at once...
And the remote for the dvd player my little sis got me for Xmas came with its own. Besides... Those are trip-a, not doub-a.
But again. Next week. I'll have new pictures. I swear on the grave of my own dead dog, wherever she may be (although she was probably creamated. I don't know. I did unpack her collar the other day. Made me teary eyed. It was a mo', you know?)
So I asked Sic_un what his favorite pictures was...

tough girl
digital photography by darkneuro 8/2006

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Mea Culpa! HNT#41

I woke up this morning thinking it was Wednesday.
Really. I had a bad day yesterday.
SO then I thought "But tomorrow is payday..."
That was this morning, right after thinking it was Wednesday.
Then I checked.
No... It's Thursday. Which means it's HNT_1
I'm sorry.
So we revisit the archive and the absolutely most favorite picture I've ever seen of myself...


hands... HNT#40

digital photography by Darkneuro 8/2006

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Uncovered... HNT#39

digital photograph by Darkneuro 8/2006

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Tough Girl... HNT#38

tough girl
digital photography by darkneuro 8/2006

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whirly: Yes... D&D, Tuesday nights in loverly oak ridge. You're invited. AD&D Player's Option.


Finished! HNT#42

... HNTI'm done now! Is it time for my cookie?

Oh. Sorry, Dear Reader. I amazed myself yesterday. I'm talking that most dreaded of all tasks, packing. I buckled down and I did it. And I even wound up with 3 boxes, 3/4 a roll of tape and nothing will be left behind. There's just outrageous amounts of trips-up-the-stairs to the apartment I'm signing a lease for. That comes Saturday morning (I'd do it Friday, but I'd have to call into work. Rather not, not this week. What with the holiday and all. You ever notice that? The one day of the week you MUST take off comes at the end of a short week already, so you put off... what was that? OH. Sorry.)


So. Rather than show flesh, I decided I'd show you the bulk of my possessions. Can't get more nekkid than a whole bunch of acquired goods, can you? (Click HERE for HNT details... ) Of course, it's mostly boxes.

<--See? Mostly boxes. And I'm a bad girl. I don't have my computer boxed yet.

And then over here, you've got most of the rest of the stuff. --->

Did you note the laundry basket to the left of the shelf thingy in the picture to the right? That's what I'm living out of for the next couple days. And it's MOST of my stuff. The garage holds 6 boxes, 2 chairs and some candleholder thingies. And that's going to grow by a coffee table, an end table and a dining set. The dining set has been described to me as "late 1950's, early 1960's formica table top with metal banding it and some matching chairs. With turquoise vinyl." Which definately appeals to my offbeat sense of design.

I'm just looking forward to white (or mostly white) walls with a good light. Pictures of the new place when I move in. OOH. Before I forget to mention it... I won't have internet for a bit. But all is not lost. Sic_un will let me post from his computer. And email is always open.

Kisses, guys.


Introducing... HNT#36

I know... I know... It's later than I normally post HNT. I have a perfectly good excuse... Uhhuh, Dear Reader... You guessed it...

digital photograph by darkneuro 7/2006

As always go see osbasso for details on HNT.


just skin... HNT#35

beautiful skin
digital photography by Darkneuro 7/2006

see HNT_1
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digital photography by Darkneuro 7/2006

As always, see the man for details...
see? I fit.


OH My... HNT#33

The most dear Osbasso said do something for the 4th...

As a theme, I mean...

For the 4th of July.

SO let's see. Celebration, red-white-&-blue, fireworks, good food, good times...

I celebrated my 4th a little early.

See, my 4th started on the 3rd, right around 6:40pm. And it continued to the wee hours of the 4th. Like, 3:30am or thereabouts.

What was that, Dear Reader? What was I doing? Oh, well, I was getting myself marked....

red, white and blue
digital photography by Darkneuro 7/2006

(and I mean red [mmm] marks, white skin and a blue shirt. Hey, you celebrate your way, I'll have mine, thanks... with special scrumptiousness to sic_un, that is)

As always, go to the man.HNT_1

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Talkin' bout... HNT#32

SO. In regards to last night's panic-filled post (and yes... That's panicky. You have no idea how much): Added together with the responses from the other site and here, overall it's clear. I'm to ask him out, perhaps coffee, better would be dinner (nevermind that I'd stammer, blush, giggle, puke, etc etc etc). I've decided out of the responses to my last post, Spcknght's was the sweetest overall (MWAH, hon... And no. I don't find you boring in the least. You are, however, very married. My bad luck)... Chief's was the most wild (thanks, hon... MWAH to you too), a few people I'll just assume are Dear Readers on the sly (Geoff, Lindy and Uncommonsense... C'mon in, guys. Sit for awhile. Coffee?) checked in for the first (and hopefully not the last) time... But kudos and definite 'Yeahs' go to Hannah. Hannah, my sweet, loverly Hannah. Thank you. SO MUCH, thank you. That's what I needed. Thank you love.

To that end...

Think he'd notice if I make my tits say it?-
digital photography by Darkneuro 6/2006
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Ankh II... HNT#31

AnkhII -
digital photography by Darkneuro 6/2006

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Haircut... HNT#30

It's cut. As promised, a picture (unedited!) of me with my new haircut. And my red bra. And the mirror is FILTHY... It's an antique wicker vanity in my room. You can see the camera in the shot. I don't like panelling. Really. It's dark and kinda... There's an old joke I'll tell you at the end. How's that? But I dig the hair. It's kinda cool. Down like it is, it's very "bobbed" looking, but I can product it back to give a more slick look, almost gamin. And I can still pull the 'Late 80's Jack Nicholson Samurai' schtick with a tiny ponytail in the back. And if I pull my bangs straight down instead of flipping them back, it looks almost Snow White-ish. That's Disney, folks, not Snow. And I decided not to edit it. I have the time, I have the talent, but... hey, happy snaps, you know? One un-edited/colored/cropped/fogged/desaturated picture out of the lot. Live with it, right?

IN other news (yes, get to the half-nekkid right? Wait for it, Dear Reader. Patience is a virtue, remember. Antici.....
pation makes it worth it... or at least a bit funny, right? Tough crowd. Hm.) ANYway... In other news, the Lavender Festival is out at Jackson Square this weekend. I'll be looking to purchase. If you happen to receive an email from me in the next couple weeks or so asking for an address, it means I've purchased something that I saw and thought of YOU.. Yes, that's YOU, Dear Reader, or those of you that I especially adore. But only if I see something for YOU, not ME. Because I HAVE been shopping for myself. It's strange. I bought a new shoulderbag the other day. Not because I needed one... I just wanted one. I needed the new black tshirt (all mine were actually wierd permutations of faded black, but not grey, just faded black, which is NOT good. Quite icky. Don't like it. Hence the new tshirt), but I wanted the shoulderbag. Besides, it had skulls on it. A large skull patch and a couple small skull pins. It's sage-y green. And it's a good place to clip my pins to. Like my 'Eat Drink and Be Scary' pin and my 'No Socially Redeeming Qualities' pin and my 'Any fool can breed-most do' pin and my Pinky and Brain pins... Clever pins, like clever Tshirts, only on pins. Yes, I collect them, and if you come across anything good, let me know, I *will* let you purchase me gifts. You may insert one wink and a shoulder nudge, Dear Reader.

Also going on this weekend is the Secret City Festival. I'm considering going. But I don't know... I should. Apparently Bro is getting a bit worried that I haven't really gone out and done a whole bunch of stuff. And I haven't. I admit it. I also know that the reasons are pretty basic. (ahem) I don't like doing stuff all by my lonesome, and I have a fear of meeting new people. Almost debilitating. I'm OK one on one, or a couple at once, but crowds make me clam up and hide. Really. It's pissing me off now, though, so that's a start. Hell, it's taken 3 weeks of training for the people in my class at work to realize I can take joking and teasing. Sheila, this chick in my class, mentioned on the last day of class "You're actually kindof a freak... In a good way, I mean, but you're kindof freaky and not at all uptight!" She read the signs I've got posted on my cubicle. Hm. So I guess I give off a very uptight vibe or something. And I don't mean to. It's a fear response.

Curse the fear response. Fuck it. I'll go to the Lavender Festival AND the Secret City Festival. Even if I'm by myself. I'll let you know how that goes Saturday evening. Hell or high water (and that's doubtful with the drainage available around here), I'll go. You may picture me secretly quaking with fear, Dear Reader. 'Cause I am, you know? (ahem)
"It is hard to be brave," said Piglet, sniffling, slightly. "when you're only a Very Small Animal." "You only blinched inside," said Pooh, "and that's the bravest way for a Very Small Animal not to blinch that there is." Piglet sighed with happiness, and began to think about himself. He was BRAVE...
I think of that whenever I'm scared, whenever I feel that gut-sinking feeling of fear. Which is frequently. People think me incredibly capable. But most of the time I'm scared. Fear response. I just rarely give myself the luxury of giving into it. Hell, that happens, and I turn into the crazy cat lady, methinks. And that is NOT an option. Not for me. Not now.

So. You've been so patient, Dear Reader, listening to me ramble. Maybe next time I'll give you another full face-down shot or something. Maybe. We'll see.


OK. Joke. I almost forgot...
How do you tell the sex is really bad?
If you hear any of the following comments:
"Lighting. We need better lighting."
"Ooooh, look honey! It's time to paint the ceiling!"
"New carpeting.. Yeah. Definitely can use new carpeting."
"MMMm. Panelling would look SO good in here."

"Why didn't we get that padded headboard?"
I didn't say it was a good joke, Dear Reader. I said an old joke. And it is. I've known this one since fateful nights with Craig and Peter. That's 15 years.

Go see OSBASSO for all the details. No button. i'm being lazy today.


Wrapped up... HNT#29

wrapped up
digital photograph by Darkneuro 6/2006

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stockings... HNT#28

digital photograph by Darkneuro 5/2006

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